Our History

Why 'The Mules'?

1919-20 Season

The new Club Secretary was Will "Rowe" Williams who, some years later, was to combine his duties with those as the landlord of the Walnut Tree Hotel. He was noted as being a severe touch-line critic at most matches. At a match played at Penygraig against the local team. Will was ordered from the field of play by the referees for his adverse comments and "choice vocabulary". Surely one of the rare occasions on record of a club secretary being sent off.

To him fell the honour of christening the Kenfig Hill club "The Mules", a name which has stuck with the team to this present day. Reports say that this occurred during a game at Glyncorrwg, when continued fly-kicking into the nearby river prompted Will to cry out: "You're just like a bunch of b . . . . . mules. Stop kicking the damn ball and try running it for a change". At subsequent away matches children were heard running into their homes shouting. "Mam, mae'r Mulod yn dod" (the Mules are coming).

(Some believe that Will actually said "a bunch of b. . . . .  donkeys", but that would not have made a good nick-name.)