100 Club - Membership

The 100 club was first founded over 5 years ago, the purpose was to raise money to support our Junior and Senior Rugby sides.

Over the years we have purchased new Gym equipment, players training equipment, replacement kits, ground repairs and supported our Juniors by donating much needed funds.

Recent ventures included giving support to the building of the new Gym and function room Balcony.
As well as supporting good causes within the club we also pay back 50% of the money collected to our 100 club members as prizes. They have a chance of winning £150 every month and £1500 at Christmas. Plus we hold a club members evening every year where only members and partners are allowed to attend. On the night we have free entertainment, free buffet and a free raffle where every member who attends wins a prize.

Members pay £15 by standing order every 3 months, £60 per year (approx £1.15 per week).
We currently have a couple of places (spare numbers) due to changes in circumstances for past members.

If your interested in joining and supporting the Mules Rugby teams, then just let one of the committee know or reply by email by using our web site and we will send you the standing order mandate.

100% of the money collected will go either to supporting the teams or is paid back to 100 club members.

Thank You