Club Rules and Membership

1. The bar area is primarily for the enjoyment of adult guests (of drinking age) and is off limits to children under the age of 16yrs after 9pm on any day of the week.

2. Members with small children, are especially requested to be considerate of other club users and we do ask members’ co-operation to keep small children in check and refrain from bringing or using noisy toys that are a disturbance to others.

3. The Club is primarily a Rugby Football Club, with areas that will be restricted for children, for their own safety. Please do not let children play or run in the Bar area for their own safety.

4. The management committee reserves the right to request members to move to an alternative area if their children are found to be misbehaving or disturbing the enjoyment of other club members. This rule also applies to adult members.

5. Child Members aged up to 11 must be under direct adult supervision at all times unless involved in organised children’s activities or supervised within the Club.

6. Child Members may only be brought into a Club if accompanied by their Parent or legal guardian or any other person who is a club member and take full reposibility for them.

7. The Club’s openings times (where applicable) are posted within the Club and may vary on occasion. A Member may be asked to remove his/her child from the Club, if, in the opinion of Club Committee, the child is upset, ill, or is causing problems for Club members or Staff.

The Club Management Committee

Vice President £25
Officer & Committee Member £20
Senior Playing Member £20
Full Rugby Member £15
Youth Playing Member £10
Social Member £10
Lady Member £10
Senior Citizen £5